According to PornHub 2019 Review, Latina remains one of the top searches on its website. As a Latina porn star, that makes me very happy! It means I get to keep my job, and I also know that people would still be reading my blog LOL.

For those of you who are new here, my name is Rosa Coronel. I am from Venezuela, and I am a proud Latina. I love flaunting my curves for everyone through my porn videos. This blog is dear to me because it paved my way to the porn industry. I could still remember when I was a camgirl, and no one wanted to view my cam! Starting this blog allowed me to write my highs and lows as a cam girl, it also allowed me to discover new kinks that I came to love, and I now use when I film new videos.

After a few years of making money through porn, I still love maintaining this blog because I enjoy interacting with my followers. My goal is to continue producing quality articles that are helpful to everyone. Contents that range from sex tips, guides to aspiring porn stars and models, cam girl guides, and many product reviews that you will enjoy! So, I hope that you stick around and so we have some fun!