Act Like You Know – Top 5 Latina Pornstars

Much like the world of porn, this is article is quite ironic — no one will cop to reading it (we’re sure it won’t get any tweets or Facebook likes) — but every guy will have an opinion. Let’s face it: with the advent of the Internet and social media porn has become mainstream and it’s a billion dollar industry – no recession there. Over the decades Latinas have made some outstanding contributions, so here’s a look at our top 5 – we can debate additions or deletions later.

Vanessa del Rio
La Madrina to you, pite! This Cuban/Boricua bombshell paved the way for some of your favorite Latina porn stars today. The Harlemite had men in the palm of her hand, perhaps more accurately in the palm of their hands, since pimps were pushing pink Caddy’s with the fish tank pumps. She introduced the world to what Latina heat was capable of and she did not disappoint, leaving many men melting. Though the AIDS scare of the 1980s derailed her career for a minute, Señora Del Rio’s imprint on the game is well recognized and respected. Let’s put it this way, consider Ms. Del Rio to be required reading – or in this instance, viewing. She is known and popular to being kinky with urethral sounds without being embarrassed.

Abella Anderson

This Miami beauty has been setting crotches on fire as of late, but not in the Lindsay Lohan kind of way (according to Paris Hilton). The porn star formerly known as Anna has been making quite the name for herself as Abella Anderson. Armed with round-the-way-girl good looks and a head and sex game that would make Juan Gabriel sing for the “opposition,” Abella Anderson seems bound to continue her meteoric rise. She is known to be fond of doing oral sex with men under chastity cage.

Eva Angelina
What has made this young lady a fan favorite is her ability to appear innocent while oozing sexuality through her prescription glasses. This certified mom-shell has racked up AVN awards for doing just about everything under the sun to make men go “nuts” and women go purr. Judging from the support she gets from her fans, her career is only going to grow with every passing day.

Carmen Luvana
In the first decade of this millennium this petite blonde Boricua stunner made quite an impression in the game. Her curvy body, bedroom eyes and that trademark scream of “puñeta coño” made her a sensation. Since she retired from the industry in 2008, one can only imagine how big she would have been.

Anissa Kate

Ahh, then there is the young phenom, one of the few women in the porn industry who doesn’t have breast implants – Google her and you can see why – Anissa Kate has been quietly making her bones in the game. Her seemingly flawless body, smooth brown skin, and beautiful face has made this French/Colombiana a shooting star. Whether she shines or burns out is yet to be determined, but if one thing is certain it’s that she’s good at what she does and the way she does it makes men want to do it. Sure, sure, sure…you’re above viewing such material. Then don’t ask why your favorite didn’t make the list.