Do you have an exciting product, service or opportunity? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to get your message out and connect with clients?

Laguardia Corner Gardens has the means and ability to amplify your message to over 15,000 organisations

With over 30 years of experience in providing capacity-building services and products, Laguardia Corner Gardens is a trusted name in the sector.

If you have a tailored solution that meets the needs to better manage the limited resources to deliver increased social impact we’re here to help get your message out.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to connect with our community including:

  • Advertising spaces on our website and e-newsletters
  • Listings and features in our Supplier Directory
  • Event listing and presentations through our webinars

Our clients expect access to quality and value for money services from Laguardia Corner Gardens and our partners. If you believe your product or service is of high quality and can contribute to building the capacity, these marketing and advertising packages are for you.

How does it work?

We can tailor a package to suit your marketing strategy or your project budget. Advertising spaces are available as stand-alone ads or as part of a complete campaign. From as little as $100 one-off event listing, or a $2,000 three-month promotion or conference sponsorship of $7,500 – we can meet your needs.

Taking advantage of our established network community will allow you to effectively share your message with the right audience and maximize your outreach.

Further inquiries

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our marketing and advertising packages, please contact us at