Health risks of using a butt plug and how to avoid them

Do butt plugs pose health risks? Well, this is the most common question seen with almost every aspiring butt plug user. It’s to emphasize here that these handy toys are primarily meant to optimize pleasure and not inflict pain or any kind of health risk. But, then you will also get true accounts of people experiencing health issues after the usage of butt plug. Well, in most of these cases, the butt plug itself had not been a faulty object. If you delve deeper, you will see that the root cause of these health issues was improper and unsafe usage of the toy.

Are you to looking forward to use butt plugs but apprehensive of health risks? Don’t fret- the post below offers a brief on the typical health risks observed with butt plugs, followed by the tips to avoid them.

Infection or disease from partner

It’s not unusual to have the desire of sharing your butt plug with your partner. One of the best bits about the toy is that it can be enjoyed by men and women alike. So, whether you are in a straight relationship or in a same-sex one, you can always enjoy butt plug with your partner. But, sharing a butt plug mindlessly could lead both of you with serious bacterial infection.

Our butts house numerous bacteria. Some of them are good while some are real bad. Now, this mix of bad and good bacteria is kind of unique to each individual. But, when they get transferred to another person’s body, the results could be disastrous.

Your tip

But, you can avoid this mess and still share the plug with your partner safely. The key here is condom. Always put a condom on the plug while you use it inside your body. When you would want to share it with your partner, remove the condom and replace it with a new one. It will prevent any transfer of harmful bacteria from your body to that of your partner’s.

Muscle soreness, pain and extreme discomfort

It’s not uncommon to hear accounts of sore muscles and severe pain after the use of butt plug. Now, these all can happen. Once again, butt plugs don’t lead to pain. But if you don’t use properly, you may end up with soreness and pain.

It’s to note here that anal muscles are really sensitive. When you will insert a foreign object along their wall, they are bound feel a sharp sensation initially. But, that sensation will go away and will be replaced with a sense of pleasure after a while. However, you will know you are in trouble if the problem persists.

One of the main reasons why some people end up with sore muscles after using butt plug is high friction in the anal area. Your anal muscles are not accustomed to having a foreign object inside. So, if you just shove the toy inside without any preparation, you will only end up with torn muscles and muscle soreness. Another major reason behind that painful feeling with butt plugs is usage of wrong size. Butt plugs are available in various sizes for every level of user. If you are a beginner and aim for the ones meant for seasoned users, no one can save you from extreme pain at the backdoor.

Besides, you may also experience pain while wearing butt plugs for extended periods of time. These toys are not meant to be used inside the body for longer hours.

Your tip

First, you should lubricate the toy and also the anal area before you insert it inside. Good lubrication will help to avoid friction and will lead to a smooth painless entry. You must use lubrication while taking out the toy as well.

Then, always be careful about the size of butt plug you use. There are specific sizes that are especially meant for beginners. Stick to them in your initial sessions. When you go out to buy a butt plug, ask the store assistant about the right size for beginners and s/he will assist you.

Besides, do not wear your butt plug for an extended period at a stretch. Your toy will come with manufacturers’ instructions on how long you can actually wear the toy. The maximum time limit for one session is 2 to 3 hours. But then, when you are a beginner, you should not wear the toy for more than one hour. Once you get accustomed to the toy, you may gradually extend the time limit. Just make sure not to exceed 3 hours at any cost.


Commonly known as “piles”, hemorrhoids are an extremely painful medical condition. The problem is getting more usual with each passing year, especially due to unhealthy food habits and modern irregular lifestyle. Now, does a butt plug lead to hemorrhoids? Well, nit directly though- but the toy may play a part in aggravating the condition.

If you put extreme force to take your plug out, it will put extra strain on anal muscles and result in hemorrhoids.

Your tip

Do not ever use butt plugs in case you are down with hemorrhoids. When you are suffering from piles, the muscles need to relax as much as possible. Any kind of strain here would only worsen the situation. You can only use butt plug once you have fully recovered from the painful condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

No matter how weird it sounds, but butt plugs can actually leave men with ED some time. Some men have actually reported of losing out on their erection after inserting butt plug.

Now, what happens here is that, when a man inserts a plug inside his butt, his entire concentration stays focused on the butt only. His penis hardly receives any attention and hence can’t erect up.

Your Tip

There is nothing to be scared of here. The ED that men experience with butt plugs is a temporary situation. Once you get used to butt plug, the problem will not bother you any more.

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